I have a full two weeks of scouting and guiding under my belt now on Devils Lake. It’s been interesting and of course, we have already experienced all sorts of adversity already to start the ice fishing season.
Lack of ice to start in areas, and all of the sudden, believe it or not we are beginning to deal with some snow. Yes snow and it’s only mid December. It should get a little easier here though with the ice conditions thickening up. I do not have a side by side so I have been relying on my dads 300 Honda to shuffle shacks around or Jason Feldner’s Can-Am.
So what I have learned so far up on Devils Lake that I can pass on to you? Well, the fish are in the lake! No doubt the population of both Perch and Walleyes is very strong. However, so is the food sources these fish rely on. We fish an area of the lake now 4 different times for perch and the Fish are there. You can get a few to corporate, problem is judging by my Helix 5 we are seeing way more fish looking at our baits instead of eating our baits on the main body of Devils Lake. Our guide team at Percheyes however have found one pod of fish (perch) that is willing to feed! Nothing fancy tungsten and wax worms have been producing the perch.
The walleyes have certainly been way more consistent throughout Devils Lake. The walleyes are relating to the structure like humps, roads, and points and will entertain you during the early morning and late evening. Rattle spoons with minnow heads have been really good. Lots of 13 to 17 inch eyes are coming topside!
I’m back up again starting Wednesday through next week. I’ll be sure to report back! Percheyes and myself do have scattered dates available. If your looking for a fishing/lodging trip please get ahold of us and we will see if we can get you in!