Lots and lots of things are happening right now out here on the frozen tundra of Devils Lake. Cold, snow and a little more snow is all adding to the puzzle of staying on top of a bite.
The walleyes have been fairly nice to us. Each morning and evening brings a different mood to these fish of course. All in all the walleyes are all over the lake. Any form of structure seems to be holding fish. Dead sticks with a minnow hooked in the back on a bobber is doing well when the walleyes come in and check out our rattle spoons with a minnow head. Early morning late evening has been the best but the eyes seem to bite all day.
As far as the perch go, one word comes to mind that I can’t type on here. So I’ll use the word finicky instead. We seem to get on a perch bite, but it only lasts a short period of time and then it’s gone. So we have been moving lots and drilling a lot of holes! Crazy frustrating right now trying to stay on top of them. Rest assured though, we will dial things in as we go. The nice thing at Percheyes is we have a very talented group of guides that work extremely hard to find and stay on a bite for you the clients.
Like always we have some scattered dates open for this winter. If your looking for an easy day on the hard stuff where we do all the heavy lifting get ahold of us either here on the website or Percheyes.com and book your fishing and lodging packages. No group to big or to small. Hope to see you on the hard water!