I’m in the busy stretch of the guiding season Right now and loving it. With me jumping back and forth from Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake these past couple of weeks it’s sometimes hard to keep up.
I do have to admit the fishing has been pretty good considering the weather conditions we have had. Warm to cold, flat calm to gusty, blue skies to thunderstorms and everything in between usually doesn’t equate to good fishing. For some reason though the fishing has been really good.
With the weather going up and down like a toilet seat, we have adjusted our fishing tactics accordingly on Devils Lake.
Fish are starting to show up on main basin type structure. Depth hasn’t been been all that important. Seems like you can catch them in all depths right now depending on the day. We are pulling rigs and spinners with both leeches and crawlers. One change I made this year is I have swapped out all my bouncers with quick swaps. I’m absolutely loving the ease of changing them out, getting them out of snags and the fish catching ability. I see so many other possibilities with them also that I’m excited to try here as the season progresses.
So with me bouncing back and forth here I’ll also be giving you another Sakakawea Fishing Report. also between percheyes.com and mikepelusooutdoors.com we do have trips available if your looking to fish either lake. So don’t hesitate to get ahold of us and book a trip!