So I have like 3 different fishing reports coming to you guys here on my website. All from Devils Lake except I will also have a spearing report from Sakakawea. It’s been a busy week on the snowpacked lakes of the Dakotas.
My first report here will be just a general fishing report. Like any report right now, if you don’t have tracks or a sno bear it’s gonna be damn near impossible. There’s a few places around that have trails plowed but those don’t last long here in the Dakota with the wind. Here today gone tomorrow is the motto for sure.
I was very fortunate this week to be able to fish with Jason Feldner and the whole Perch Eyes Guide outfit. We had trips and also the Fishtival this weekend. Some days were spent scouting, some days were spent moving shacks around the lake etc. scouting proved to be pretty good! Those guys are dialed in on this lake! It amazes me every single time I go with them at how spot on they are!
We fished all over the lake the last few days. Of course the bite is a little slower but like anything if your in the right areas and marking fish you can have decent success. One morning we found walleyes shallow! When I say shallow I mean like 4 foot of water. No electronics needed here, just jigging and waiting for that thump!
The perch of course were a bit more finicky. Normal for this time of year. I’ll say this, a good perch rod is a must right now! The JT panhandler with a bobber tip was key. The perch we caught were nice! Had a bunch of winning size perch in the contest and caught a couple wall hangers also for Jason’s lodging. So cool! Spikes on tungsten was the ticket with a super good JT Rod!

More reports are coming! Remember to book your trips with me. I’ll be offering some more ice fishing here and for sure taking bookings for early Missouri River Walleyes!