I read Jason Feldner’s Fishing Report last week on percheyes.com about the fish on Devils Lake right now being clicky, and holy cow was he right!
I had the chance to guide the last few days on Devils Lake, and the Fishing overall was good, but as Jason said the walleyes are very clicky. Jason Feldner’s Fishing Report last week about the fish being clicky was spot on. I had the chance to guide the last few days on Devils Lake and that Report was an understatement.
Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish. The Northern Pike and White Bass are going nuts right now. The White Bass are spawning and when you run into one of those, you run into truck loads of them. The walleyes we caught seemed to flank the White Bass? If you could get on the edge of the spawning schools you would pick off a Walleye.
Our choice of fishing the last few days has been casting cranks. No one crank in particular has been better than others. Just seems you need to match the crank to the depths your casting. The overcast days the walleyes for me anyways seem to be a bit deeper. 5 to 8 foot of water, but when the sun pops out I start looking for stained water shallower.
I think the bobber bite is really close to taking off. As soon as we get a leech hatch, which I believe is any day now, the bobbers should fire. I like to fish bobbers early in the day, cast when things get going like the sun and wind and then I switch back to bobbers later in the day. Just my flow on how I do things. Not saying this is gospel, but it works.
The weeds in areas are just starting to show up and you can concentrate on this new growth. Another common thing is the main lake feeding windows. If your concentrating on the Mainz Devils Lake I’d suggest fishing later in the days and catch that hour before dark bite. As the waters warm up so will the fishing! If your looking for a trip get ahold of myself at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com or head to percheyes.com and tell Jason you seen this post! I’m getting into the busy season with both lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake so lots of fishing reports coming your way!