I just saw on the news here on Devils Lake that it’s over 125 degrees difference from the coldest day of the year to now the warmest to date. With the warm up the fish of all species are firing.
A real good mix of walleyes and northern pike are coming in at a fairly steady pace. Casting shallow diving crankbaits have been best for my boat. I am seeing some guys doing ok on slip bobbers in key areas.
The weeds are starting to show up and things will rapidly change with the weeds popping. Still many areas of Devils Lake remain too clear. I am trying really hard to find areas with some stained water. The weird part is one day it’s dirty the next day it’s clear, so I’m not really sure why it’s traveling like this but it is.
The fish are relating pretty hard to the new weeds. Again, casting cranks that resemble perch and shrimp mix seem to be best. If this water continues to trend upward in temperature, we will be pulling spinners sooner than later. For now, at least for me I will continue to cast. Getting fish to hit the cranks while casting shallow is still one of my favorite ways to catch fish.
I have a couple more trips here on Devils Lake before I swing over to Lake Sakakawea and back to Devils. If your looking to fish either one of these massive bodies of water please email me or pm on Facebook and let’s see if we can line up a trip. Sakakawea is kicking out some nice fish pitching jigs shallow and that’s probably my favorite way to catch them. So either way for now we get to fish these fish doing 1 on 1 combat fishing!