So here’s one I don’t normally do. Northern Pike angling in the winter. I’m not sure why not? I spent over a half a day on Devils Lake this weekend specifically fishing for these toothy critters and I have to be honest, it was one of the funnest days I’ve had on the ice in a long time.
I didn’t get fancy at all while I was chasing pike. No tip ups just one rod, super shallow water near old road beds jigging with a spoon and two minnows. When one hits, you feel like you stuck your hand in an outlet! They absolutely destroy whatever you have down there and start peeling line like crazy! Keep your drag fairly light because these fish when they take off are crazy. So fun to catch and if you know how to clean them it’s no problem. If you want to learn how to clean them go to my YouTube page here on the website and you will see a video I posted a while back helping to show you how to remove the Y-bones easily.
With the snow limiting access to the lakes chasing pike might just be what the doctor ordered for you. Like I said old roadbeds, back waters off Devils Lake will all have plenty of Pike waiting for you. Don’t really need much since your catching them so shallow so electronics really aren’t necessary maybe only to figure out depth, but we found as long as there is some water under the ice it’s plenty deep to catch fish!

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