It’s been a little tough on me here the last couple of weeks to get out and ice fish much. We are right in the middle of our hockey tournaments with the WDA tourney this past week in Minot and now our state tournament will be in Fargo this coming week.
This hasn’t however kept me from keeping tabs on what has been happening on a few bodies of water. I did venture out to my crappie shack today for a bit just to scratch the itch. I will say this the snow is tough. Brutal actually, so make sure you do your homework before venturing out.
So what have I been hearing? Well, western Lake Sakakawea is still pretty good but it sounds like you better own a set of tracks or a sno bear to be able to get around. Some trucks with chains are getting around, but again many guys are finding out the getting around is getting ugly. If you do get around out that way you will find fish to be had!
Some of the backwater areas locally around Bismarck on the Missouri River is kicking out some pike and panfish. I actually watched a guy get his truck and fishhouse stuck pretty good today on a bay near Bismarck. So again, make sure you are prepared.
Lake Oahe is starting to spring back to life! The further south you go the better! One of my really good friends and guides down out of Akaska, SD is seeing some really good activity. This bolds well for what’s to come once our river opens up locally here around town. The State Line is producing well also but same story, lots of snow and troubles getting around.
I do have lots of trips planned right after the State Hockey Tournament and also some guide trips on Sakakawea and Devils Lake in March, so I should be able to continue to bring you ice fishing reports. Obviously once the river here near Bismarck opens up, I will switch my attention back to the open water! If you want to get your date reserved to fish with me right away this spring April/ May on the river or if you want to book your summer trips don’t wait or hesitate to get ahold of me!