Oh my is it getting tough to get around the lakes! I’m doing my best to keep roads to my spear shacks open enough to get to them. I have one angling house out close to Bismarck, but that’s even getting difficult to keep a good road to it.
It sounds like more snow is coming, so it’s going to make things interesting. Does anyone have a Sno-Bear or enclosed Cab with tracks they are willing to rent me for the month of March? Ha ha lol. I have a few trips scheduled in March on both on Sakakawea and Devils Lake and without having one or the other it’s going to be tough!
I highly recommend anyone going ice fishing right now that doesn’t have tracks of some kind to go in groups! Bring shovels, tow ropes, and chains. Use the push pull tactic to blaze a trail. It’s something we deal with periodically here in the Dakotas, but she’s pretty tough all over the upper Midwest.
I’m probably going to have to head out and buy a couple lottery tickets to see if I can win so I can buy something with tracks because they don’t give those things away lol. I do have skis and a tongue ski for my shacks, but it’s still going to be tricky getting around the lakes at least until the snow settles or until guys get out there with v-nose plows. Make sure you do your homework before heading out somewhere! I’ve had many trips over the years get ruined by getting stuck and spending a huge portion of the day digging out.
Again, I have Dark House Spearing still available and I can get to those shacks without trouble. The ice angling is getting tough, unless I can find someone who’s willing to rent me his Sno-Bear! Mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com if your interested in getting out spearing.