I’m back on my home turf of Lake Sakakawea and let me tell you, I love being home! Well, kind of. I do have to admit Devils Lake has been extremely kind to me so far, but Sak just gets my juices flowing and my excitement rises every hump, point, flat I graph.
The word on the street up in the Van Hook Arm is unsettled. One day is good, the next day average, and the day after that terrible. I’ve guided up here probably 10 days already and I have to admit it’s different. I also have to admit it’s pretty solid if you land on the fish.
Most fish seem to be on average in the 18 to 25 foot of water range. Now I say on average…that’s because I’ve caught them in 2 to 4 and also all the way down in 30 to 45 foot of water. I think with this rising water the fish that would normally be in 10 foot, well, the water is up, so they are still in that area, but the fish remains there. Weird I know, but it seems to be holding true.
Slow death and propeller blades are catching the majority of the fish pulled a little slower than normal. .6 to 1.0 send best with a half crawler. Trust your electronics because when you see them, they seem to be biting. I am noticing a lot more baitfish this week slowing up. This usually means more of those sand lizards will be right behind them.
I have some openings in August and September if your interested in getting a trip booked. I still feel the lake is a few weeks behind yet but great fishing is on the horizon! To book a trip email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com and let’s make some memories!