So I’m not sure where I should start on my fishing report today? I’ve been on Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, and also the Missouri River System/Tailrace all in the same weeK, but since the ND Governors Cup just got over and the Dakota Walleye Classic is this coming weekend we will report on Sakakawea.
The best part of what I do every day is I get to be on the water. I get to learn and study all these areas. Now let’s be honest, I get my butt kicked lots of times. My philosophy on this fishing thing is simple…you do it lots, you will eventually figure something out.
So what are these fish concentrating on? Deep sharp breaks on the south shore of Lake Sakakawea. Weird I know, but I feel like that has been the norm this spring and summer. Nothing has been consistent at all this year in North Dakota.
If I go to to Parshall/Van Hook we catch fish, go to Devils Lake we catch fish, head to the Missouri River System we catch fish. Does this make me a good guide cause we catch fish? Or am I good at what I do cause I’m on the water everyday? I’m not sure if the answer to that cause I’m just as guilty as the next person about complaining on days cause the fish aren’t jumping into the boat. The funny thing is, you can still catch fish pretty much anywhere I talk about, and you don’t have to be an expert by any means to do so. We are so very fortunate here in North Dakota to have the fisheries we have! Makes my job on days fairly easy, but like I said, I do have my days where the fish can get the best of you.
What I’m saying here isn’t a secret at all. Most of the nice Walleye caught are coming off some sort of structure. Points, islands, and different shore areas have been best. Depths range by day, but the fish seem to be a tad bit shallower on the southern shore. Jig raps are starting shine! Minnows are solid choice right now, but a pain in the butt this time of year, unless you have creek chubs. Slow Death with propeller blades are producing. Jigs and plastics thrown up shallow are finding some fish also. The depths are ranging by day but average seems to be 12 to 22. We are finding some really nice fish out deeper tucked very tight to structure. Those fish we anchor lock on top of them and send down the jig raps. If I had creek chubs I would love to let one of them swim in front of some of those fish.
Good luck to all the anglers fishing the DWC this weekend! I do have openings in August and September so email me if interested!