Lake Sakakawea Fishing is good, but it is also in my mind, in a little funk with the rising water and ever changing weather conditions.
We had 3 boats guiding the east end of the lake on Monday, and with the storms that chased us off, and the rising water, it made us scramble around and work our tails off. Normally, Sakakawea doesn’t do this to us, and we are able to set up and fish fairly traditional spots with good success right away in the water.
Now, I don’t want to sound doom and gloom, but the fishing on this end of the lake can present its challenges on days. The good news with Lake Sakakawea, is usually if you continue to bounce around, eventually you will land on a bite.
Our method of finding and catching fish was pretty much the norm for this time of year. We pitched jigs and minnows, and pulled lindy rigs around and found all of the variety of fish you could think of. White bass, catfish, northern pike, perch, and walleyes all bit our offerings. I believe as the water continues to rise, the fishing will be a little scattered for a bit, but eventually the fish will settle in, and we will find a consistent bite. I anticipate the slow death/propeller rig bite to really take off here in the coming days!
Myself and have openings on Lake Sakakawea coming up all summer and fall! The later fall bite this year is going to be remarkable. I’d suggest if your looking to try and catch some really nice fish, and maybe a whopper, to book your trips now with us at or contact me here on my Facebook or website to solidify your spot on our boats on the walleye capital of the works! it’s going to be good!