Lake Sakakawea is for sure one of the if not the top Walleye lakes in the country right now! The fish that were caught in the this weekends Walleye Wizard get together was absolutely mind blowing.
The water is rising fast on the big lake and two things are happening. The fish are spreading out and some of the bays are really starting to turn on! I am a little nervous for the fish population. The lines at the cleaning stations are incredible and in my honest opinion people are keeping to big of fish. I hope the lake can withstand the pressure. Maybe it is time for North Dakota to maybe reduce the daily limit to 4?
Anyway enough of that and let’s get to the report. The fish are still relatively shallow for the most part. 7 to 15 foot of water seems to be where the bulk of the biters are at the moment. Presentation? Well, whatever you like to do is catching them right now. Cranks, jigs, Lindy Rigs, jugging raps you name it are all producing at the moment. Trust your electronics and fish the marks.
It feel like every day on the water you have a crack at a big girl. Many fish in the 24 to 28 inch range are being caught. Keep what you will eat and throw the rest back for another day.
If your looking to book a guided Walleye trip on Lake Sakakawea please email me at and let’s get you out on this awesome fishery!