So the weather outside is frightful and the conditions to go ice fishing have not exactly been delightful. I did however try and brave the weather for a bit yesterday.
I wanted to check my spear shacks to make sure things are good. All my shacks are on the east end of Sakakawea at the moment. I really should have just stayed and speared, but instead, I’m stubborn and decided to try and check a few spots angling.
Took me awhile to work around all the snow to get to where I wanted to go. Crazy to think just not long ago we were complaining about lack of ice, now that is still the case in spots the snow is becoming a real issue. Pack the shovels, tow ropes, chains and sand! Like I said I worked my way to where I wanted to get to. Unfortunately, while I there it started to rain and things got nasty. The snow on the ice now became a mix of ice on top of the ice. Let me just say this, I thought I was in for a long night. Somehow I was able to get right back on my old tracks and that was the only way I was getting off the lake. I got off with very little to show for it. I put the camera down and saw plenty of fish. Now granted, I didn’t stick around for the evening bite, but the fish were in the cruise by and look but not wat mood. Pretty common for this time of year! We are in the dog days of winter ice fishing. Smaller feeding windows for sure and this weather is not helping matters.
I did talk to some folks out west on the lake and they are doing ok, but again the bite is the last hour into darkness. I was set up in 32 foot of water. Not a lack of fish… lots of walleyes, eventually they will eat! I still have lots of open dates for spearing. The angling is pretty tough until March but don’t be afraid to inquire. I’m also starting to take bookings for early Missouri River Trips for April and May! It’s going to be good this spring and you’ll have an excellent chance at a giant walleye! Get ahold of me at or messenger me!