I know we only have about a week or so of the Dark-house Spearing left for the winter, but things are starting to come together. With a few moves of our shacks and moving a lot of snow to get our shacks back into shallower water, we are seeing some really nice fish.
The numbers certainly aren’t there like earlier this winter yet, but the quality is. During a couple scouting missions, both myself and my dad saw really big fish! When I say really big I’m talking fish in the 40 inch mark. So for now it’s quality over quantity.
March 15th is the final date for both Spearing and also when you can no longer leave your shacks on the ice. It’s been a goofy winter for sure! It seems like just yesterday I was searching for ice on Lake Sakakawea. Now the ice is anywhere from 22 to 35 inches. Not an easy task to cut a spear hole let me tell you!
The group I have in now are some extremely polished Dark-house gentlemen. I love that they bring a different view to what we are doing and it’s fun to watch all the different takes and philosophies they bring. I love learning from guys like this! Listening to their thoughts and ways is just awesome and a great way to pick up some tips and tricks to add to the arsenal.
So I know the spearing is over here pretty soon, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t take advantage of the early spring tip up fishing back in the bays on Sakakawea! I would anticipate another solid month of being able to ice fish yet here in ND and the Pike will be showing back up in the bays in huge numbers! They always do. So I am going to offer some flag fishing to anyone who is interested. I’ll offer this for the same prices I charge per person for spearfishing. The only catch is you still have to take your pike and clean them. Everything else will be supplied and taken care of for you! I’m also taking bookings for early spring river walleyes. If the conditions are muddy or froze still near Bismarck we will head to the tailrace! So no need to worry, we have lots of options here in North Dakota! Mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com