As we start to close in towards the end of April here on the Missouri River we have lots of uncertainty. We are sitting here wondering when they are going to begin to let some water out of the dam.
The rivers level north of Bismarck is extremely low. The Garrison Dam at the moment is letting very little water out. Another interesting scenario is what is taking place down in South Dakota. They also are holding water back due to the flooding down stream.
With the lack of current and the stained and dirty water down south it’s having a lot of boats piling up in the Bismarck/Mandan area. I hope for the water down below Bismarck to begin to clear up so we can spread folks out. I’m sure you have noticed the congestion if you have traveled over the bridges lately.
The water is hanging around the 40 degree mark. The early mornings the water temp drops down a little but it seems to climb throughout the day. It seems the fish fire pretty good once the sun pokes out or the temps hit 40 plus. The walleyes are scattered about and they really haven’t gotten into a steady predictable pattern. You can catch them in all sorts of different areas and depths right now.
My presentations have remained the same. Jigs and Minnows pitched around have been best, but don’t be afraid, if you have the space in a spot to pull crankbaits right now. Certain days the cranks have been good and again the depths have varied.
We still have time to enjoy this spring walleye run here on the Missouri River. Lake Oahe is growing some giants at the moment and every cast of a jig could result in a personal best or even a state record walleye.
If you are looking to get out on the Big Muddy get ahold of me at and let’s book a fishing trip together.