Man oh man are things changing rapidly on the Missouri River right now! The spawn is on, hard to believe I’m saying this already, it feels like just yesterday I was giving reports on the boat ramps and open water.
With things developing quickly with shifting sandbars, walleyes spawning, and State Records getting caught, it’s an exciting time to be out on the Big Muddy chasing walleyes.
I feel as though personally we don’t have the numbers here as of right now that we are used to seeing this time of year. We do however have quality fish around. I do believe when they decide to release some water from the Garrison Dam Tailrace we will get another flush of fish up in the river. Hopefully.
A mix of jigs and minnows, large plastics on jigs, and crankbaits are working. Jigs in the 3/16th and 1/4oz sizes seem best flipped up on the sandbars. The females are setting up to do their thing, and the males are going to be right behind them. Once the spawn is over I would anticipate a strong push of fish in the 14 to 18 inch range to show up.
Ok, enough talking about the river. It sounds like guys are already getting out on Sakakawea. Look for the bays to kick out fish here early. I love pitching jigs up on the shallow rocky areas this time of year. If positioned right you can catch a bunch and you will catch quality fish! Things are starting to happen and this is the best part of my job.
I have some openings coming up in May for the Missouri River and it’s going to be fun! Once the males show up it turns into a numbers game. Fun for kids to catch fish this time of year and certainly the weather is usually warmer. If your looking to book a trip or try and schedule a guided fishing trip here on the Missouri River, Sakakawea, Devils Lake please Email me