Big Muddy 2019 is behind us and once again this Missouri River proves it’s got potential for some really big fish!
Winners brought in just over 37 pounds of walleyes in 6 fish. The guys that won it are certainly 3 of the better river fisherman around. The Hofferts pretty much put on a clinic winning this years tournament. The funny part or not so funny for me, is they won the event in a spot I guided out of all week long and pretty much all spring for that matter. Goes to show you how timing is everything in the Big Muddy, and probably why there hasn’t been a repeat winner quite yet in this tournaments history.
Kudos to everyone who did well! I think we ended up with just shy of 17 pounds for 6 fish. We fished two areas hard, where I felt we could put together a solid weight and had caught some really large fish out of this week as well. My number one spot that I wanted to fish had 4 boats on it when I got to it. The tough part for me is I can see the spot out of my living room window 😢. I choose not to move in.
Creek chubs pulled slowly upstream caught many of the big fish. Another round of kudos to the guys that got them. I searched high and low this week, and all my creeks were void of any. Jigs and big plastics did produce some big fish also. We did our best on small jigs and big minnows. Other teams caught fish trolling. So it goes to show you if you have a pattern you like go with it!
The males are starting to show up, so action should increase here in the coming weeks. It will be a slow decline so to speak for catching some of the really big girls. I’d say another solid week where you still have a decent shot of a 30 inch walleye.
I’m actually looking forward to fishing the river in the coming days as I’m seeing some numbers of males in areas. I’m still booking trips here on the river so get ahold of me if you want to go! I will be headed to Devils Lake to work for Percheyes Guide Service starting May 25th. I have and so does Percheyes opening scattered for up there so let me know if you want to go casting! Should be a good early season bite on Devils! I’m also taking bookings for Lake Sakakawea!