Missouri River

The State Record Walleye was caught on this stretch of river in 2018, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is broken a few more times right here in the very near future.  Spring and fall are the best times of the year with ice out averaging mid to late March.  The spring run will begin right at ice out, and remains strong into early June! For you guys looking to dust off the winter open water rust because your state is closed, look no further!  You will have a chance at a fish of a lifetime right in the city limits of Bismarck!  The Missouri River is no place to mess around however with lots of obstacles in the road such as sandbars, logs, rocks and other debris.  This is where my 40 plus years of fishing this system helps me read and stay on top of things on this constantly changing river.  The fish will begin to taper off and head back down into Lake Oahe as the spawn ends and the water temps begin to rise.  Expect these toothy critters to start showing back up near town (Bismarck, ND) in late September.  Lures of choice are mostly jigs tipped with minnows or plastic in the spring and fall.  Pitching shallow sandbars is my favorite tactic early spring with vertical jigging in the fall.  Let me tell you this is so addictive!  Good numbers of fish are caught with a chance at a trophy walleye especially early spring.  Coming to fish with me on the Missouri River near Bismarck also gives you an opportunity to take in Bismarck’s other attractions.  Hawk Tree Golf course and the States Capital just to name a couple.

Lake Oahe

The meaning of Oahe stands for a foundation or a place to stand on.  If you ask me what Oahe means, it means lots of water, cool scenery, and tons of hungry and willing walleyes!  This system is the holding pen for the Missouri Rivers walleyes during the summer months especially.  All those fish we see every spring and fall up here near Bismarck, are only a small portion of what stack up by the millions in certain stretches of Lake Oahe.  Honestly,  at times it can feel like every walleye in the State of North Dakota is living here.  Crank baits and bottom bouncers with spinners and slow death are the lures of choice to cover this massive flowing body of water.  Another couple of hidden gems on this portion of the Missouri River are the world class Crappies and Northern pike!  Once you arrive to Oahe you will see the Beauty of this landscape and it is simply breathtaking!  I would love to take bring you out on this spectacular body of water!

Missouri River Fishing Report-March 22nd, 2020

Amazing the turn of events we have seen in the last week or so across the world. Our lives without question, have been altered and a lot of us are being hit hard on the work front. I know I have personally, and I hope and pray for everyone we will get through this. I...

Missouri River Fishing Report-March 6th, 2020

I have a little more time on Devils Lake yet this winter, but the open water season is upon us here already in Bismarck-Mandan! I usually have to start the season up on the Tailrace region, but with our early spring, the river in town is open for business. What can we...

Missouri River Fishing Report-March 13th, 2020

It’s been a great week out here on the prairie. I’ve gone back and between open water on the Missouri River and back to the frozen stuff for fun. The river has been more of a scouting mission as of late looking for spots, channels and of course fish. All indications...

ND Fishing Report-February 21st, 2020

This report is going to be a mixed report. I’m gonna talk about Devils Lake, Sakakawea, Oahe and the Tailrace all in one. It’s getting to that time of year! So the first part let’s touch on Devils Lake. Things are still going pretty good on old Devils. The perch are...

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