We are nearing trophy walleye time here in North Dakota! Both Lake Oahe and Lake Sakakawea have the potential for huge walleyes this time of year.
One of the changes I made recently is I’m now going to Guide full time year round! Usually once school starts many of the guides are done for the season. I stepped down as hockey coach at Bismarck High this past spring so I could focus my attention to guiding.
I’m super excited to Guide ice fishing on Devils Lake this winter and also dark house spearing on both Sakakawea and also Devils Lake. If your looking to try some perch, walleyes and pike this winter I’ll have guided packages with lodging as well. So I’m really looking forward to not only guiding all winter but also continuing to bring you up to date fishing reports.
Reports for this week are a bit sporadic. Lake Oahe/Missouri River is extremely dirty this week with the higher flows and rain we have received. There’s still fish to be caught though! Don’t let the dirty water fool ya.
Lake Sakakawea Fishing can and will continue to get better and better with time. Reports are scattered but the better consistent bite seems to be out east. I do anticipate the bite near shell, independence etc. to begin any day now.
I do have some trips coming up here so I’ll make sure to bring you guys those reports as we go.
Don’t hesitate to book your fall soft water trip and also your winter trip! I’m already booking some trips for this winter so don’t wait too long! Pick some dates and let’s make it happen! mikepelusdooutdoors@gmail.com