So we are closing in on the end of the open water season. I’m not gonna put the boat away in hopes of a late push of nice weather. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking.
So I have been all over the place this past week. Devils Lake was phenomenal! We spent the day fishing bridges and moving water, and holy am I excited for ice fishing up there. It looks like these fish have put a serious feed bag on this fall.
I also fished Sakakawea. Same story up there. One day it’s rockstar and the next day it’s toilet bowl. So much food in there these fish are not hungry by and stretch of the imagination. You either have to hit the fish on the head or piss it off to get them to bite. But when they do, man are they fun and big!
The last place I can report on this week is the Missouri River locally. The fish are on the move here as well! Some super fat and healthy walleyes are in the river right now. The river has changed considerably this summer with the high flows. Lots of new structure and lots of water for these fish to hide and eat.
Like I said I’m hoping we can still make it out a few more times yet. I am however taking bookings for the ice fishing season. Both angling and spearing this winter full time. If you are looking for a trip please email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail. com