As I drove away from Devils Lake, I couldn’t help but wonder just how many walleyes are in this lake? The fishing this summer on Devils Lake has been really good! We are seeing a ton of baitfish and the walleyes are getting fat!
Another exciting thing for us it seems the small fish on average are definitely bigger. What I mean by this is we are seeing a lot of 14 to 16 inch fish where last summer we saw more 10 to 12 inchers. In my personal opinion a 14 inch fish is the best eating size walleye you can find. Also, from a guiders standpoint these fish are awesome! Fun to catch and easy to clean.
The water temps on Devils have dipped a bit, but the fishing is solid and I believe it will continue this way all the way to freeze up. The best part about fishing here is you can pick your way to catch them. I choose to pull spinners and crawlers, but cranks are working, bobbers, jig raps, whatever you like to do, it will and is putting fish in the boat.
I’m super excited for the fall fishing on all of our waters especially the big 3. I have dates open so feel free to get ahold of me at we can also accommodate large groups and lodging.