So what does Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea have in common right now? Well, they both have really good fishing right now. One lake is rising (Sakakawea) and one lake is lowering (Devils Lake) but both have awesome walleye population.
Devils Lake, at least for me the past few days has been really good. What do you like to do? If you want to bobber fish you can go through leeches by the pound in a hurry. Fish of all shapes and sizes are being caught. Find any type of structure like rocks or trees and bobber up. Catch a few or catch a pile. It seems about 1 out 5 is a really good fish. Spinners and slow death pulled on the structure is producing also with maybe a little better big fish ratio.
Overall we are super spoiled. I know many areas in the country where 14 to 16 inch walleyes are the best fish in the lake. Here we take those fish for granted. Those fish in my mind are the best eaters in the world and Devils Lake has a ton of them!
I’ll post a Lake Sakakawea report here in the next day or so. The water has risen and it has moved the fish a bit, but they are there and willing if the timing is right. I have openings in a August and September so feel free to email me at