Back on Devils Lake the last few days and once again, I’m excited to report the fishing remains really strong!
Like any prairie lake this is the time of year, the water begins to turn green. I wouldn’t say the lake is completely green yet, but it’s getting there in areas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
We have switched it up a tiny bit this round with as far as what we are pulling. Most of the guys in our group are pulling some sort of propeller rig. Whites, blues, greens and purple are all working well, tipped with either a chunk of crawler or plastic. I personally used a cut off piece of white zoom (2 inch piece of the tail) on a small hook and a purple propeller and that one piece of plastic caught a ton of fish! If you pay attention to the shorelines, boat ramps, etc you will see millions of tiny minnows swimming around, so it’s the old saying of match the hatch scenario.
We have also been using jig raps on the structure to mix it up a bit and that’s working really well for all species! Side scan your areas, and cast it to the marks. Roads, humps, weed edges are all playing a role as to where the fish seem to be holding up. Depths don’t seem to really matter.
On a side note, I lost a JT Custom Rod in a very popular area two days ago. I’m hoping someone who reads this report, either snags it, or hears about someone else snagging it. I feel like I lost a best friend. So you never know!
I’m headed over to Lake Sakakawea for 3 days now, so I’ll bring you a report from there after that trip. I do still have some openings for August and September for both of these lakes, so if your interested email me at abs we will see about booking you. Lodging is also available upon request.