Devils Lake Fishing Report-June 6th, 2020

Written by Mike Peluso

ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. Mike prides himself on being consistent, as well as versatile on any body of water he fishes. Mike guides year-round, so you can find him on the water or on the ice. Give Mike a call for your next fishing adventure!

June 6, 2020

I got a chance to spend sometime on Devils Lake this past week. Between driving, fishing, trying to mow yards, and fixing things, I was extremely busy.
Another thing that was busy was the walleye bite, white bass bite, and for me a few northern pike. Not sure what is going on worth the pike but they are definitely not all over the place like previous years. You had to move around quite a bit to find the active fish. To be honest I think you can pick whatever your flavor is to catch walleyes and catch them on Devils Lake right now. The water is pretty clear right now so look for the stained or dirtier water to increase your catch rates.
Lots of 14 to 17 inch walleyes are being caught. In my personal opinion those are the best keepers and eaters you can find.
On a side note I heard on the news that they have closed the road to get into Mikes lake up there. So if you were planning on fishing on Mikes you will have to change your plans. Not sure if this is temporary or not but just a heads up for everyone.
I’m headed back to Sakakawea now, so I will have a report coming up from up there here in the near future. I have July and August dates available so if your looking to get on the water get ahold of me at Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the start of the summer!

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