With the Devils Lake Casino cup coming (no I’m not fishing it) I’ve been a little quieter than normal on my Facebook and fishing reports. I do have a few really good friends that are fishing it, so trying to hold the noise down a little.
The bite is heating up! Water temps on Devils Lake have been climbing steady and the walleye activity is also.
Casting cranks is still the go to tactic right now but bobbers are slowly starting to pull their weight. Especially in the later afternoons.
Weed growth and water clarity is the subtle things you really need to pay attention to right now. For some reason the lake is staying really clear this year in areas it’s normally a lot dirtier. Makes me think the lake being as high as it was for so long, and now dropping has changed the lake chemistry. We were just talking about this around the campfire the other night. So many areas that used to be a forrest on the water, is now all but gone with only a few some stumps remaining. You also can see a lot more rock on the shorelines since the higher water.
All in all I have to admit Devils Lake is a Walleye factory! The fishing is still top notch and in pretty good shape. If your looking to book a trip on Devils Lake either email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com or go to percheyes.com and we can get you lined up for some amazing fishing! A few more trips on Devils before I swing back to Lake Sakakawea. I’ll get everyone a report from both later this week! Most people say tight lines, I’ll go with keep your rod tip up and your stick on the ice!