I know it’s hard to believe but I’m closing in on the end of the ice fishing season up here on Devils Lake. As I write this report I’m one month and a day away from my last trip on the hard stuff.
It’s been a good first full time winter for me. I’ve learned a ton being out on the ice daily chasing these gilled and finned creatures. The past few weeks the perch have kinda started to bunch up a little making them a tad bit more responsive. The walleyes have been really consistent this winter and the future of walleye fishing on Devils is looking good! The one fish I’m a bit mystified with is the lack of pike we are catching and seeing? We kinda noticed this last summer. The northern pike didn’t seem to be as abundant, at least in the areas we were concentrating on.
The report up here doesn’t, or hasn’t really changed. The perch are being caught out deep using using tungsten and waxies. The walleyes are on any type of structure, using buckshots and minnows. The pike 🤷‍♂️ if you have a report please send it my way.
Now, with just a month left to go, I’ll be switching gears immediately to open water guiding. I had lots of clients last spring take advantage of booking me for both Tailrace and also the Bismarck area Missouri River. I’m hoping, and judging by the emails and texts we should be busy again! I’ll be starting up March 15th! So if you are looking at getting in on an early walleye bite, especially maybe before your waters open up, or your season opens up, please get in touch with me and book your trips so you don’t miss out. I can accommodate groups of any size! I’ll have a major announcement coming very soon I think everyone will be excited about it interested in! To book a trip for the upcoming season please email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com