Devils Lake Ice Fishing Report-Feb 1st, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

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February 1, 2021

I wish I could be more fired about my Devils Lake Ice Fishing Reports, but I’m just too damn honest. The bites are tough and you have to earn all of them!
Now, I’m not gonna say we are not catching fish. We are definitely catching fish. Maybe not at the pace we would like, or maybe we are spoiled and set the bar to high? Either way, you have to be ready to grind and I use the term blue collar mentality.
Some days the fish are shallow. Usually if we can find them in 10 to 15 feet they will feed! The problem is some days they are deep, 30 to 45 foot deep. You can get those to bite also, but those bites come in short bursts. It does seem the larger fish, both perch and walleyes have been on the shallower side.
I think these fish are just cruising everywhere looking for food. No rhyme or reason, just looking. Of course Devils Lake is full of shrimp. Shrimp unfortunately are everywhere from 1 foot of water to 50 foot of water and extremely plentiful. The bloodworms are usually out deep in the mud/basin. I keep thinking the perch are gonna group up out there on them, but that bite still seems to be hit or miss. Another thing I don’t get very excited about on Devils, is a full moon. We are finally on the back side of it.
It’s my hope things settle in here for the last month and half of this ice fishing season. Crazy to think we are already into February, the back 9 of ice season. Last season I was guiding the open water on the Missouri River near Bismarck March 16th. I’m taking open water bookings for there already, so don’t hesitate to reserve some dates at a true chance at a giant walleye of a lifetime! Until then it is my hope we have a good final round before it thaws! email to book your spring river trips or open water Sakakawea and Devils Lake.

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