Devils Lake is proving to be difficult in giving up her perch bounty. Two things come to mind when trying to crack the code of these ever elusive Jumbos. Obviously, the first that comes to mind, where are they? The second thought is are there that many in the lake still?
Since things have been tough lately, I decided to hop on the ND Game and Fish stocking reports. I was shocked to realize the lack of perch that have been stocked in the lake since the mid 2000’s? Lots of walleyes have been stocked, which we are finding, but no perch? Now, I’m not an expert in this field by any means, but something tells me the balance is a little off? Let’s face it, Devils Lake is known for its Perch, sometimes being called the jumbo perch capital of the world. Without question things are down a little in that department. Now before everyone gets all wound up here, there are still lots of perch in Devils Lake and plenty of jumbo size ones if you can track them down. The difference today however is that the once home of all those big jumbos isn’t so much anymore. Will it come back? Of course it will, everything cycles, and with a little help from the Game and Fish it may come back a little faster. Maybe not, but I know I personally feel better if I see the Game and Fish dumping a million Perch in the lake from time to time.
I’m gonna switch gears and talk about the walleyes now. Lots of them around and it seems to be turning into the Lake of the Woods Of the west. Of course a good Walleye bite morning and night, but we are seeing a better mid day bite as well. Good size fish from 14 to 18 are very abundant With a few fish coming out of the lake over 10 pounds! My last report I talked about jigging these fish with a rattle spoon and minnow head. That hasn’t changed and any type of structure is holding some walleyes. The perch honestly we have caught them on everything from tungsten and spikes to a small rattle spoons with a minnow head. Just need to be in the right spot at the right time.
Still spots available if your looking to get out fishing. #mikepelusooutdoors