This time of year gets me pretty excited! I know we are all pacing the floors for the river to open up here locally in Bismarck, but we have a lot of options here.
The first open water option on the nice days anyway, is the tailrace region north of Bismarck. The area remains open pretty much year round and is a great place to fish in February, March and April when conditions down around Bismarck are either still locked up with ice and or conditions are muddy.
This spring so far it looks like ice fishing will remain strong well into April. One thing I’m going to get after a little more this year is the tip up fishing for Monster Pike up on Sakakawea. I think the conditions this year are going to be perfect, and the end of March into early April should be dynamite! My late season dark house spearing is showing me signs of greatness.
Devils Lake should remain frozen solid into April for sure. I do have a full week of guiding perch and walleyes there yet coming up. Devils has gone through its slower period but should be rocking and rolling again here as we close down March.
I will be taking some late Northern Pike bookings if interested. I am also going to book some tailrace trips starting beginning of April and I’ve been taking bookings for the Missouri River out of Bismarck for the end of April into May. Please feel free to get ahold of me and reserve a date. If I’m booked on certain dates I do have a great staff that can also accommodate.