Ice Fishing Report- February 19th, 2023

Written by Mike Peluso

February 19, 2023

If you are around my age, you will remember the commercial of the donut maker. Alarm rings, he gets up, and says time to make the donuts. Well, that’s me and ice fishing right now.

Not a lot has been changing yet. The conditions are pretty much the same, and the bite remains good.

Tracks for the most part, especially up here on Devils Lake are still not optional. If you don’t have them you will be very limited.

Walleyes are consistently biting morning and night on the old shoreline structures and humps.

Nothing fancy, just a small jigging spoon and minnows both hooked on the back or the minnow head.

Perch are mainly in the basin roaming around now. 35 plus foot of water so you will have to keep everyone you catch.

Small tungsten jigs or spoons tipped with wax worms or spikes doing most of the catching there.

I see we have a lot of different weather front coming our way. I’ll be curious to see what that does to the fishing and the ice conditions.

I’m booking spring river trips for the Missouri River near Bismarck. If you are thinking about a trip get ahold of me asap as dates are filling up.

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