So I’ve been a little slower than usual on writing a fishing report. One reason is I’ve been grinding hard guiding, another reason would be the fishing has been pretty tough.
I’m going to write this report on Devils Lake. I do have a few reports from some others areas and if you want some information on that just email me and I can help you out on that.
We have pretty much been all over the Devils Lake region fishing for both walleyes and perch. Some days are good and others are tough. We are catching fish and keeping our clients happy. Unfortunately, it’s not keeping us guides very happy because it’s forcing us to move a ton trying to locate the next best bite.
I’d say the walleyes have been the most consistent over these last color of weeks. Again, structure being the key to catching eyes on Devils Lake right now. Buckshots with both full minnows and minnow heads working best for us. Water depths seem to vary depending on where your at on the lake.
As far as the perch are concerned, we are still waiting for them to gather up and get into a major school. This has yet to happen and is creating tough at times fishing. When you get a small school to flare up you can catch them and you catch some really nice ones mixed in. Tungsten and wax worms have been the best in 30 to 45 foot of water and also a small minnow on a tiny hook held really close to the bottom is also catching a few.
I know it’s hard to believe but I’ll be opening up the open water walleye season starting March 15th on the Tailrace region north of Bismarck. As soon as the open water hits near town I will begin guiding that. Please if your looking to book don’t hesitate! Last spring got extremely busy and I anticipate it getting busy again especially how good it’s going to be! Contact me at and let’s book a trip! I’m also renting out spear houses if your interested and my clients have speared some quality fish!