Ice Fishing Report-March 5th, 2023

Written by Mike Peluso

March 5, 2023

For me the ice fishing season is ticking away. I have about 2 weeks left of guiding on Devils Lake.

After I’m done on the ice my attention will immediately turn to the open water north of Bismarck near the tailrace and hopefully near town early April.

Until then I will continue to report from the frozen stuff. The bite has been staying pretty decent. We are still chasing both walleyes and perch.

My guess is we will slowly turnover to chasing walleyes and pike. It all depends I guess.

Early morning the walleyes are still on structure. They will any day now begin to head shallower and they will also begin migrating/staging near or around the spawning areas.

The perch continue to roam the basin. I think they are finding bloodworms in the mud. I would anticipate the perch moving shallower and back towards areas we found them early ice.

Access and ice conditions are still good! However that can change very quickly this time of year. If it begins to do so I will keep you informed. Track machines are still a must!

I’m booking trips for open water both for this spring on the Missouri River near Bismarck and also Lake Sakakawea. Get ahold of me if you are looking!

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