Ice Reports Eastern Lake Sakakawea-Dec. 5, 2018

Written by Mike Peluso

December 5, 2018

So yesterday I decided to cruise up to Lake Sakakawea to check the back bays for ice. Some of my Dark House Spearing trips that I have booked are right around the corner.  Crazy to think, but yes ice fishing is here!

I made quite the circle yesterday starting over by the State Park Area near Pick City. The lake on the south shore for the most part is completely open. I didn’t run across any ice in or around the State Park. In fact I could have easily put a boat in. Government Bay was also wide open and I could have put a boat in there as well.

I made my way over Wolf Creek. Here is where I found the first ice. Not a lot of ice at all, maybe 2” in spots with a lot of it wide open with pockets. Wolf is somewhat protected and it seemed to me it has frozen and reopened a couple times by the looks of things. I made way across and headed towards Lake Audubon. I know you can’t spear on Audubon but it is a place I like to ice fish. The lake is completely frozen over. However, the picture I am sharing on here shows a large pressure ridge. There are always pressure ridges on lakes but this one is going to create some issues. The main ramp out of the Totten Trail area is widely used. This pressure ridge is a few hundred yards out in front and runs north and south the whole length of the lake. If you are an Audubon angler please use caution this year!

I stopped at 6 Mile Corner and chatted with the boys a little. Lots of great info there if you are up in that area. Carey always has a pretty good pulse on things and can help steer you in thus right direction, plus they have a great baitshop!

I decided to check the south bays like Centennial/Sportsman Stenkie, Garrison and Douglas Bay in that order. The first bays had very little ice. Stenkie has some ice 2” to 3” of it way west inside the bay. Garrison none and way way back in Douglas has a little 1” to 2.5 inches.

So overal not a lot of ice on the eastern edge of Lake Sakakawea yet. We are expected to have a couple pretty cool nights that should help freeze up the bays a little. I don’t expect the actual lake to freeze anytime soon. I will continue to monitor the progress and report back to you guys.

I am starting to fill dates for Dark House Spearing on Sakakawea. If your looking for an awesome experience or a totally different experience you have to give this a try and book a trip. The prices are very reasonable and I do all the hard work for you! All you have to do is pick a date. Text me at 701-471-8649 or email me at to reserve your spot in a dark house today!

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