Lake Oahe Fishing Guide

Lake Oahe, ND Fishing Guide

The meaning of Oahe stands for a foundation or a place to stand on.  If you ask me what Oahe means, it means lots of water, cool scenery, and tons of hungry and willing walleyes!

This system is the holding pen for the Missouri Rivers walleyes during the summer months especially.  All those fish we see every spring and fall up here near Bismarck, are only a small portion of what stack up by the millions in certain stretches of Lake Oahe.

Honestly,  at times it can feel like every walleye in the State of North Dakota is living here.  Crankbaits and bottom bouncers with spinners and slow death are the lures of choice to cover this massive flowing body of water.  Another couple of hidden gems on this portion of the Missouri River are the world-class Crappies and Northern pike!

Once you arrive at Oahe you will see the beauty of this landscape and it is simply breathtaking!  I would love to take bring you out on this spectacular body of water!


Missouri River Fishing Report-October 17th, 2020

Once again I'm happy to report the wind bite has been good. Lots of keeper size wind gusts ranging anywhere between 20 and 40 mph. You can get wind pretty much every day you step outside.Amazingly enough, I have been able to get on the water. It hasn't been easy to...

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Sakakawea/Oahe Fishing Report-Sept. 13th, 2020

I'm amazed at how many people stop me at gas stations, fish cleaning stations, boat ramps you name it to thank me for doing the ND Fishing Reports. It makes doing them on a regular basis totally worth it! So thank you to all of you who have personally thanked...

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ND Fishing Report Big 3- Sept. 3rd, 2020

I'm just gonna call this a North Dakota big 3 fishing report since I've been scattered about. I've had the opportunity to fish all three systems in the last couple weeks.I'll start with Lake Sakakawea. Lots happening on this body of water. Fish seem to be spreading...

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ND Fishing Report-May 25th, 2020

Mixing up the fishing report this time. It’s that time of year for here in North Dakota. Lots of folks starting to fish the big 3 of Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea and the whole Missouri River system. Things are starting to fire on all three, but it seems we are still a...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-May 15th, 2020

I know I said my Missouri River Fishing Reports would be slowing down. The fortunate part is the fishing here locally isn’t slowing down so I figured I better get another one posted.It sounds like summer is on the way next week which should help warm these water temps...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-May 1st, 2020

This fishing report is coming at you sooner than I usually do them. Reason being is a lot is changing on the Missouri River locally with the water levels and spawn.This week we have seen the water drop and now rise today. I know they are forecasting a little more flow...

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