My travels have now taken me back to Lake Sakakawea to guide. Except this time I choose to stay a bit closer to home and fish the “Eastern Edge of the Big Lake.”
I have to be honest with you, I kind of neglect this end of the lake. It seems to always be a bit harder to track the fish down, especially when your guiding against a clock. This is something a lot of folks don’t ever think of. The fish (walleyes) on the east end of the lake seem to travel and move around. Is this due to the cooler water temps? The currents? The deeper water? I’m sure all of the above play a major factor into this.
I will say this, when you do land on the biters, they are quality fish! The main lake points especially the major ones coming out of the bays, mallard island and a few higher profile humps are producing really nice fish right now. A similar approach of slow death and propellor rigs are working well! Silver and purple had the most action and we also caught some fish on a plain old school Lindy Rig.
The fish really liked the 18 to 25 foot range, and man are these fish healthy! They will give you a fight for the ages once hooked up!
Another advantage of fishing the east end is if the wind decides to howl. You can always load up and drop back down to the tailrace. It’s saved me many of Guide days over the years.
I still have openings in September so lock in your dates to start targeting those trophy walleyes this fall on Sakakawea, with both cranks and jig raps. I feel this fall up there is going to epic!
Email me for dates and I can also line you up with lodging. Email me at