Fishing on Sakakawea right now is simply awesome! Whether your chasing our most popular fish the walleye, or the underutilized smallmouth bass, the bite on the Big Lake has been noting short of phenomenal.
The water is slowly dropping and we are seeing a lot of young of the year fry of all species spreading throughout the lake. With the combination of those and the massive population of smelt we have a very healthy system right now. Things are looking really good for our future.
What’s working? Well, actually right now a better question would be, what isn’t working? Cranks, jigs, Lindy rigs, slow death, jig raps, you name it are all catching fish. The biggest thing is trusting your electronics to locate and spot and stalk these feisty fish. In my mind it’s so fun fishing up there right now because of this.
Depth these fish are relating to is all over the map. The bulk of the fish seem to be in the 20 to 30 foot range. Just make sure your being careful bringing these fish in. Slower the better to keep the bladder from blowing out and look in the fished throat making sure the skin isn’t irritated. If it’s really red keep the fish, otherwise it’s gonna die. If the fish inhales the hook just cut the line and release it, the fish will live.
I’m feeling as though Sakakawea is gonna stay really good all the way until freeze up. Get ahold of me if your looking to set up a trip. Another reminder is to start looking into booking your ice fishing trip on Devils Lake with me as well!