So having the job I do, guiding and traveling around North Dakota and getting a chance to fish all over the Big 3. I’m super lucky that I get to visit and see a lot of folks both on and off the water around Sakakawea, Devils Lake, and all of the Missouri River System. I feel it’s time I say thank you to all of you! I love when someone mentions to me you read these reports! It really makes my day to know this, and I hope these reports help you. I do them to help speed up the process for everyone. So again, thank you to everyone who reads these and judging by the website numbers people are reading! Thank you so much!
This past weekend brought me back to the eastern edge of Lake Sakakawea. The weather was a bit funky with rain, fog, humidity, and some wind, but the fish continued to bite in between the rain showers. The one thing I will not fish through, and that is lightning, and we did get chased off the lake a couple time because of that. Like I always tell my kids, safety doesn’t take a day off.
The walleyes continue to show themselves off of the main lake points and islands. We stuck to our go to rigs of slow-death and propeller rigs mainly this weekend. It seemed the bite was actually better though on the plain old Lindy rig with a crawler. We found fish again in that 20 to 28 foot range mostly with 22 again holding some nice keepers. You will mark lots of fish right now, but many of these fish are smallmouth bass and drum mixed in with the walleyes. Those marks on your units will usually be darker, the walleyes tend to have more yellow in the marks due to their air bladder. With kids in the boat, they really don’t care what they are reeling in, which from a guiders prospective is really nice. Jig raps anchored up on your Walleye marks will and is producing really nice fish. Look for the rock off of the islands and the points, and deploy a jig rap, you will latch into a big one if you continue to do this presentation.

I anticipate the majority of the fish to begin to slide deeper. I’m seeing a ton of smelt out deep in that 30 plus foot of water. Just like last year, you can go out and catch them, but plan on keeping those fish. Look in their mouths to see if the bladder is in the throat or if the throat looks red and irritated. If so those fish will not make it. I’m guilty of fishing for these fish, but I will keep them. I will only keep what we need, and move back shallower to pursue more fish.
I think our best days on Lake Sakakawea are on the horizon and this fall is going to be really good! If your looking for a trip please get ahold of me for September and October bookings. Email me at I’m also taking bookings for the upcoming ice fishing season on Devils Lake and Dark House spearing on Sakakawea. Secure your dates early as those are beginning to fill! I will also be offering lodging up on Devils Lake this winter so if you looking for lodging, guiding or both get in touch with me! Let’s book a trip!