I apologize for a few missing days on the fishing reports. I have been somewhat off the grid while staying at the beautiful Indian Hills Resort west of Garrison, ND. I have to admit, it’s kinda nice not having cell service and putting the phones and iPads down for a bit.
So how has fishing been on Lake Sakakawea this past week? I think overall it has been really good considering all the changes in weather we have had. I can’t imagine how good the fishing would get if the weather would stay the same for a couple three days in a row. Still a pretty good push of current running through the system. It has really dictated where the fish seem to push and end up. Obviously, certain wind directions really get this water moving. Pay attention to it, the fish are setting up on spots like a river.
Depths? No rhyme or reason, but if I had to pick a depth that seems to be somewhat consistent, I would go with 22 foot. The basic slow death rig is out performing everything. Propeller rigs on days are good as well, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Leeches are also working on plain Lindy Rigs.
The lake is absolutely loaded with small walleyes. Small meaning 10 to 13 inchers galore. Please, if you hook one deep don’t throw it in the water to feed the pelicans. Put it in your livewell and clean as part of your limit. I’ve seen way too much of this the past couple weeks.
I still have dates available for August and September! The lake in my mind is still a month behind, with water temps only in the mid 60’s. I anticipate a great fall up on Sakakawea. Email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com to reserve your spot in the boat with us.