As promised I said I would be able to bring you a wind, I mean fishing report from Sakakawea. The wind, um fishing has been ok to good on Sakakawea here as of late.
The wind has played a huge part on where I have been fishing. I spent time on the east end, middle and also up in the hook this week so far. Again, trying to play the wind and be able to fish. The wind has played a major role in the water temps so pay close attention to those! Another factor to consider is the June run off has started. Pushing water levels up of course does a few things. One it can cool the water temps down and it can also push fish back into the bays.
It’s seems a lot of fish are hanging near the major points heading out of the bays. Do t be surprised this week if all of the sudden a lot of fish begin moving back into the bays with the rising water.
Water depths have varied all week. Again I believe it has everything to do with our abundant winds we have been having here as of late. To say I’m sick of the wind would be a huge understatement.
Fish are being caught on all presentations. Jigs, rigs, slow death, cranks are all working right now. Pay close attention to your electronics the fish you are looking for will be pretty obvious and they are hanging near or under the massive clouds of baitfish.
I’d say quality over quantity right now on a lake Sakakawea for sure. This past week we have seen a few pushing over 28 to 30 inch mark and those fish are all still swimming to be caught again hopefully by you in my boat 😉. If your looking for a trip I have dates available now in July and August on the big pond of Sakakawea. Email me at to book your trip!