What a week it has been! I wouldn’t say we played the numbers game, but we sure played the quality game.
The fish are on the move. We are seeing a lot of fish stacking up on the ends of the spots out in the current. The big girls are starting to show themselves up shallow on or along the sandbars in the slower warmer water. This week we spent a lot of time both pitching jigs and also pulling shallow running stickbaits.
The fish are feeling the pressures of the boat traffic however. You will be catching fish, and as soon as boats start to move around the fish get a little skittish and become hard to catch. The river isn’t exactly deep, so it doesn’t handle a lot pressure very well. Keep this in mind as you are planning your outings. Try to avoid the congestion in or up the river and your success rate will be a lot better. The further south you go on the river, getting closer to Lake Oahe, the fish seem to handle the traffic better.
We have been seeing a lot of 25 to 28 inch walleyes. Especially the 27 inchers. I’m proud to say I’m seeing a lot of folks throwing these prime spawners back. Remember, those big girls are the future and even if a small percentage make it, it’s still better than zero percent. Plus, it gives other anglers and hopefully youngsters a chance at catching her again.
I have openings available, and I’m taking all the proper precautions and staying safe. Sanitizing everything after each trip. I’m also fishing out of a 26 foot Angler Qwest Pontoon, which has been great for keeping our distance while fishing. Email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com to book a trip before those big girls spawn!