Amazing the turn of events we have seen in the last week or so across the world. Our lives without question, have been altered and a lot of us are being hit hard on the work front. I know I have personally, and I hope and pray for everyone we will get through this.
I have however, social distanced myself (weather permitting) and gone out on the river locally to try and stay on a bite. I want to make sure, just in case my clients decide they want to get out of the house, that I’m on fish.
So what are we finding on the Missouri River here locally, near or around Bismarck? We are seeing plenty of fish. You have to work for them no question. Slow and methodical presentations seem to be working best for me. Minnows on jigs pitched or pulled are working pretty well on the days the sun is shining. Water is still really cool, even a degree or more for the better can make a huge difference in the fishes mood.
I have caught plenty of fish pulling cranks this spring, but for me personally, it’s boring to fish this way, and doesn’t exactly get me all that excited to see the rod bend just to crank it in. I’m more of a one on one combat fisherman myself, and cannot get enough of that thump on a jig adrenaline rush. Don’t get me wrong, if the situation calls for crankbaits, I’m all in! It’s just hard for me to trade in the jig bite if it there.
I’m hoping to start seeing some bookings here. I’m stamped virus free, so your safe to come join me in the boat! Fresh air, walleyes, and the sounds of spring are just a click away!