This fishing report is coming at you sooner than I usually do them. Reason being is a lot is changing on the Missouri River locally with the water levels and spawn.
This week we have seen the water drop and now rise today. I know they are forecasting a little more flow here locally on the Missouri River which is not uncommon. I have no idea how much runoff there will be out of the mountains this season, but I wouldn’t expect anything like the last two springs.
Another thing that has happened is the spawn. I won’t say all the walleyes have spawned, but I would say a vast majority of them south and near Bismarck/Mandan have definitely dumped. This creates all sorts of weird things when it comes to the fishes mood.
With the rise in water I anticipate a small push of fish to move upriver. The spots/sand will shift and change and the spot will look different. Look for the fish to push further up on the bars and into the slacker water. You can still catch some really nice fish right now. They may be a little more inconsistent, but they are still around.
The one thing I can guarantee is a good run of feisty males. They normally show up now in huge numbers 🤞. This is a great time for pitching plastics, cranking, and when the water warms up, pulling or dragging night crawlers. My hope is things will begin to settle down and stabilize, and we can have an excellent bite here locally for another month or so! Get out and enjoy! This is a great time to find some sandy shorelines and shore fish. It’s also a great time to get the kids out also! Just might be a few days to settle back in here.