Missouri River Fishing Report-May 23rd, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

May 23, 2021

fall walleye fishing

Just when I thought there was little chance at a really big walleye, boom goes the thump on a jig and presto! 33 inch monster Missouri River Walleye.

The one thing this last of a string of big post spawn walleyes has taught me, is never count a big fish in the system out of the equation. It’s my 5th walleye between 32 and yes, 34 plus inches long! If I had any doubt as to if the State Record Walleye would fall in the near future, it has since been debunked.

A state record will fall once again either late this fall or definitely early next spring! The amount of 26 inch walleyes and up in this system right now is beyond crazy. These big girls will drift back into the depths of the sunken cottonwood trees and feed all summer long on fresh water herring and smelt. Both forages are like steroids to walleyes.

So what are seeing along with a random giant? Lots and lots of aggressive, hungry males! The lilacs and the water temps however, are on full point of switching over to dragging crawlers around the river. I’ll be making the switch this week with all my guide trips coming up. After this week the Van Hauling tour bus will be taking this tour on the road to both Sakakawea and Devils Lake.

So before this report is over, don’t be afraid to pull slow death, Lindy rigs, and or small jigs with a chunk of crawler on it. The action I promise you will be fast and furious! Another area that is really turning on now is the Beaver Bay on Lake Oahe and all the way down past the State Line. Fish are there and I they are there in huge numbers once you land on them. For easy fishing down there pull cranks in 10 to 15 foot with rattles or jointed for nonstop action.

Again, I’ll be switching my gears after this last week here on the river to Devils and Sakakawea so the fishing reports are gonna change a bit here in the near future. It’s been an incredible spring here on the river. I’m sad it’s over already, but the change of pace will be good for everyone. Thank you for reading!

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