Missouri River Fishing Report-Oct. 7th, 2020

Written by Mike Peluso

ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. Mike prides himself on being consistent, as well as versatile on any body of water he fishes. Mike guides year-round, so you can find him on the water or on the ice. Give Mike a call for your next fishing adventure!

October 8, 2020

Well in my everyday battle of trying to drum up business for Mike Peluso Outdoors & Guide Service, I rely heavily on social media. So I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to technology and cell phones. I am however absolutely amazed at how fast word spreads on a decent bite someplace either here in North Dakota or elsewhere across the United States and Canada.
As most of you know, especially those who follow this page or my reports. I put a ton of miles on traveling between Sakakawea, Devils Lake, and the Missouri River system dam to border.
The last few weeks I’ve had to try and hide out from the wind. For some reason the winds this fall so far have been unbearable at times. Forcing me to fish areas like the tailrace or down south on the river near Bismarck.
This is where I know social media, cell phones, electronics etc have an impact on fishing and hunting. I arrived down south near Hazelton this week and I was shocked to get to the parking lot at 7:30am and we were way late to the party. At least a dozen trailers in the lot told me the fall migration up river has begun and the word has been spreading. Again, absolutely amazed at how fast this happens.
Now, before you think I’m gonna tell you the bite is hot and heavy, and you need to get down there, I’ll caution everyone that yes, the fish are moving up the river. The fish however are fairly concentrated with the lower river levels. What will happen is this first wave of fish being caught right now, WILL get picked over. Happens every year, and with as much pressure as I seen the last couple days, it won’t take long.
The fishing right now is basic, jig and a minnow along the main current edges in the slower water is where these early migratory fish are stopping. Fish will also be caught along the long sandbar stretches pulling cranks. The water temps for this time of year are still fairly high. So I don’t feel the best bite is here yet, and I anticipate with weather permitting and as the water cools, the bite will get more aggressive. The bite will be tough on the days with a lot of traffic on top of them, so you will need to move around a bit to try and stay on top of active fish.
I will continue to remind folks that are looking for ice fishing trips this winter on Devils Lake, to please not hesitate to book your trips! Groups of any size can be accommodated both lodging and fishing packages available. Please email me at mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com

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