The river here locally near Bismarck is going through some growing pains as the water continues to rise. At last glance they were releasing 27,000 cfs out of the Garrison Dam. They are saying they want to get to 32,000 cfs.
What does this do? A couple things actually. It will hold water temps down which a lot of times holds fish closer to Bismarck over the course of the summer. The fish will not need to travel as far south into Lake Oahe seeking cooler water. Actually, I should say the forage won’t have to seek the deeper water down in the way southern portions of Oahe.
This bolds well for our section of Lake Oahe from the state line at the ND/SD border to about Hazelton. We should see really good fishing starting right now down south on Oahe, and hopefully it will hold all the way through September and October. If this happens the walleyes make the push back towards Bismarck earlier this fall and in greater numbers.
So what’s happening locally on the river right now? When you find the males you are going to find a ton of them in the 14 to 17 inch range. Some of the old faithfuls like Bernies bluffs and the Huff bluffs are starting to go pretty good. Also, the stuff further to the south is as well. Vertical jigging in the current, and also pulling cranks will score you plenty of action. It’s a pretty good time to get the youngsters out and get them hooked on fishing!
I’m still taking Reservations here on the river locally near Bismarck/Mandan. I’m also open or should say, have some openings for Lake Sakakawea and also Devils Lake here now. Email me at if your looking for a morning or evening on the water. I also have a couple really good guides I work with that can take you as well if I’m already booked up personally.