Missouri River Update-April 2nd, 2023

Written by Mike Peluso

April 2, 2023

Well I’m glad I took a little drive up river road north of Bismarck this morning. The picture I took is of the entrance to the Wilton Boat Landing.

Rumor had it they opened up the Wilton Boat Ramp. The county of Burleigh has not been in there yet. However, the city of Washburn has! That boat ramp (no dock) is open and ready for boats.

As of the morning the river is completely open to Double Ditch which is one mile (by water) from my home. I would anticipate with the Warner temps and the heavy winds right now for it to open up some more today.

I know they are calling for snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. This will not affect the river situation. The good news for now is the storm looks to be staying more south and east. I’m guessing we will get some more snow but it won’t be crippling.

I am started my spring guide operations on Thursday. I’ll most likely be either the tailrace or Washburn area to start unless Burleigh County gets at the Wilton ramp. Time will tell!

Seems like the snow is melting slow and some of it is making it to the ground. My hopes here locally is it will soak into the ground if the frost lifts. Sounds like we don’t have the frost line like winters past. If that happens it will definitely help with muddy water conditions.

The main culprit is usually the Knife River just north of Washburn. I’m hoping the Stanton landing gets pushed off here soon also! If the Knife starts pouring mud you can get up above it and still be able to fish.

I don’t have a ton of openings left for this spring on the river. Maybe a couple if you have a flexible schedule. I am also filling up my summer schedule for both Sakakawea and Devils Lake.

Things are going to get busy here and I’m looking forward to it!

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