This report is going to be a mixed report. I’m gonna talk about Devils Lake, Sakakawea, Oahe and the Tailrace all in one. It’s getting to that time of year!
So the first part let’s touch on Devils Lake. Things are still going pretty good on old Devils. The perch are starting to bunch up a little bit more and are trying to put trying to put the feed bag on. Most of the better sized perch are being found on the main lake portion of Devils. Deep breaks off the basin have been good. Walleyes are morning and evening off of any type of structure.
Sakakawea I have mainly been concentrating on the northern pike. Lots of nice size fish are being seen! They are starting to come back into the bays chasing Cisco. Darkhouse spearing will go until the 15th of March. I’ll be renting out shacks until then or until the ice is unsafe. Tip ups will go on now to the bitter end. This is for sure a world class fishery for Northern Pike.
Oahe has been a mix. Guys are finding crappies off the old cottonwoods. Early morning being best. The walleyes right now are out in the core. The are using the main river channel hard right now, my guess is the fish are beginning their migration already. Deep channel edges and major bends will produce walleyes and don’t be surprised if you catch some nice perch mixed in.
Weather permitting the Tailrace region is seeing some nice catches right now. This should continue all the way through spring. I feel we are seeing a lot of fish being caught that are actually Sakakawea fish that were pushed through this past summer. So good numbers and good quality in this portion of the river! I’m taking bookings for trips on the Tailrace already and they will begin March 15th. It’s going to be awesome!