North Dakota Ice Fishing Report-January 18th, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. Mike prides himself on being consistent, as well as versatile on any body of water he fishes. Mike guides year-round, so you can find him on the water or on the ice. Give Mike a call for your next fishing adventure!

January 18, 2021

January in North Dakota! Up and down is its steady diet for both the fishing and the weather!
This recent wind storm and now a little snow that blew through the state sure messed with things! Not only are the fish all messed up, but the ice didn’t fare all that well either.
Lots of areas across the state got hammered and definitely shifted things around. If you had a shack on a lake somewhere, I hope you use caution when you head back out to check on it. Areas that had plenty of ice all the sudden doesn’t.
As far as the fishing goes, seems like the wind moved or did something to them also. Mixed reports all over the place right now with how the fish have reacted or are reacting.
Our weather forecast is showing a cool down that may move us more into a normal North Dakota winter. It hopefully helps us add a few inches of ice on all the lakes here.
The fish are scattered right now, so you will need to drill a ton of holes and keep moving to try and track down a decent bite. I did get my darkhouse spear shacks out and hopefully the waters on Sakakawea settled back down and clear up. We were seeing fish with great visibility before the winds. Hopefully it clears back up fast!

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