Getting the opportunity to drive a Sno Bear around all week and fish out of one proved a few things to me. One I need to hit the lottery so I can buy one and two, it’s a huge advantage to be able to be this mobile on the ice. Not only being mobile but being able to get around on the snow and slush was just a treat like no other! Thank you Miss Walleye Jessica Parizek I know it wasn’t easy letting me borrow the Sno Bear, but oh what a treat it was and thank you!!
So what’s the report from the Devils Lake Area? We will start with the Perch bite. We fish a lake called Antelope on the way up. Reports had it that a lot of good perch were being caught. We managed some perch, didn’t stay all that long. Lots of traffic with different groups spread out all over the lake. The snow on Antelope isn’t as bad as we have been finding on the flats on Devils Lake. I think it should settle down a bit and you should be able to drive normal stuff on. Slush however is turning into an issue.
We have been all over the Devils Lake area this week mixing in Perch, Walleye and Pike. The pike and eyes have been very accommodating! We have found some really nice fish in pretty shallow water using Lindy Glow Spoons and the Lindy Frosty. Nothing more exciting to me than jigging in under 5 foot of water and have a walleye or pike just about rip the rod out of your hands.
The Perch on the other hand this week have been tricky. We have caught some, but at the same time it was more stressful trying to coax them into biting. Finicky would be an understatement. All part of the Devils Lake game!
I’m thinking these are my last ice fishing reports until next winter. Although I may do a little tip up pike stuff I think the rest of the reports for a bit will consist of the Garrison Dam Tailrace and as soon as the river in Bismarck opens up. I do have a couple guide trips coming up on the Tailrace next week so stay tuned! If you want to jump in the boat for a guided trip on the race email me or messenger me!